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Top 3 Business Books That Have Guided Our Growth

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There are so many great books written about mindset and developing growth in a company. Here are a few main ones that have helped us elevate our thinking, align our team members and create growth. All for the purpose of helping us serve our clients better.

Gino Wickman

The bible that helps run our company. This book lays down the foundation of how to manage, starting with getting the right people in the right seats. Without this one, I’m not sure how we would have managed through the Covid crisis. Implementing the principles in Traction and EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) prepared us to address the challenges we were facing, regroup, focus on daily and weekly steps, and methodically work through the turbulence. Traction outlines clearly how to set goals and forces you to expand your vision by helping you efficiently track issues and priorities. A must read.

E-myth Revisited (+Mastery)
Michael E. Gerber

Great book; a classic that has lessons for any business. Especially good for people newer to business and/or those who are struggling to understand how their business should be operating. Explains simply how we all get caught up in doing too much ourselves and how your personal point of view is so critical. It challenges your understanding of entrepreneurship and what a successful company looks like, and how your personal limitations are limiting your company’s growth. Many business owners are actually technicians; what is needed for the success of a business is more of the true entrepreneur mindset.
Should be the first book to grasp before taking on more sophisticated principles of business. Good explanations to understand if you can really learn to adopt the true entrepreneurial mindset, and how life-changing it is for everyone. Many, many people never get past the foundational lessons here, so this book should be fully absorbed before opening a business of any type.

Who Not How
Dan Sullivan with Dr. Benjamin Hardy

Superb book that changes how you look at working. Challenges you to really think about how you work in your company. Presses you to be honest about how much you are trying to do yourself, and why that’s not going to get you where you want to be. You are likely not suited to all the tasks you take on. The concepts here stress the need to further let go and expand your vision, to find other Whos that can take on tasks better than you and free everyone up around you to do better work. This can accelerate your company in big ways, but it can be uncomfortable for those who can’t recognize their own difficulty with truly letting go and trusting others. A game-changer.

These books are tools to use mainly to shift your mindset. It all starts with your mindset. When you shift your mindset, you start to see opportunities that others don’t seem to, and you start to grow your vision and create a much more successful company that is able to contribute more back to your community.

Other notables:
Mindset – Carol S. Dweck
Atomic Habits – James Clear
Principles – Ray Dalio

Never stop learning. Never stop reading. Everything you need to know about business and mindset is written in books like these. Your goal should be to constantly read and listen and reread materials like this to create an ease of understanding of what you should be focusing on, how you should be developing others, plus what you absolutely should not be doing, as the leaders of any company.


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